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PhD about motivational interventions in higher education

Promoting self-determined motivation in higher education: Autonomy-supportive interventions to improve pre-service teacher’s motivational quality

A talk by Felix Dübbers
Freie Universität Berlin

Based on the Self-Determination Theory of Motivation (Ryan & Deci) we developped two autonomy-supportive interventions that manipulated two facets of autonomy-supportive teaching in isolation: assisting students in recognizing the personal relevance of course contents and the usage of non-controlling lanugage. The experimental interventions were applied in a 2x2 experimental design during a higher education course within the curriculum for pre-service teachers. With a pre and a posttest we assessed pre-service teacher's motivation to learn for the course about evidence-based practice and the attitudes towards the course including intentions regarding evidence-based pratices as a teacher. We further assessed students self-regulated learning behaviour and their learning performance. Results will be discussed including possible consequences for further research with autonomy-supportive interventions.

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