Vinicius Coscioni

Vinicius Coscioni

PhD candidate

University of Coimbra/Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

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Vinicius Coscioni is currently a Ph.D. Candidate (Psychology) at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. His thesis aims to develop a theoretical and transcultural approach on future time orientation and life project from a psychosocial perspective. The thesis encompasses a systematic review of the literature; a qualitative study grounded on interviews with Brazilians from different stages of lifespan; and the construction and validation of two psychometric scales in nine countries. His talk during this conference is regarding the systematic review of the literature, in which he has analyzed 93 papers in order to develop a comprehensive theoretical approach on life projects. For his M.Sc. thesis, Mr. Coscioni has researched the life projects of Brazilian juvenile offenders at treatment facilities, so he has also had experience with vulnerable populations. For his future research agenda, Mr. Coscioni aims to research on future time orientation and life project of vulnerable groups using the theoretical and transcultural approach he has been creating for his Ph.D. thesis.