Maria Tsapali

Maria Tsapali

Affiliated Lecturer
University of Cambridge

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Maria’s research interests include designing learning environments to promote conceptual and procedural understanding of science concepts, phenomena and skills and utilising cognitive science and neuroscience to improve educational practice, especially in the primary school years.

Maria is currently working as an Affiliated Lecturer in Education and Psychology and completing her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge exploring the effects of different learning environments on primary school children's decision-making skills in socio-scientific issues. She has previously pursued an MPhil in Educational Research (Cantab) and an MA in Science Education (University of Athens) and is particularly interested in utilising cognitive psychology findings and methods to improve science education. She is a primary school teacher by training and her research has a strong focus on teaching practice with a keen interest in conducting classroom-based experiments. Maria is an open science advocate and strives to incorporate its principles and practices in her research.