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SIG17 Methods in Learning Research

Tidying the toolbox: trials, blunders, and challenges overcome in research on learning and education


Published papers often seem to have research designs and methods that are ideally suited to their studies. Yet, research rarely happens with perfectly executed methods or starts out with optimal designs. Instead, it is littered with dashed hopes, rusty tools, and challenges that are met and bested. The EARLI SIG17 2020 conference seeks to enable open discussions about what happens when the best-laid plans of researchers in learning and education meet reality. The aim will be to open up the research process: which methods worked out, which ones proved wanting, and what did we learn when we used them? Which designs did we attempt, and how could we improve them for future studies? What advice would we give to the junior or senior colleagues who might want to use similar methods or designs in future?

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SIG8 Junior and Early Career Researchers

Motivation and Emotion in Education: Responding to Global Challenges


Due to the current global health crisis, this year’s International Conference on Motivation (ICM) 2020 had to be postponed. We are organizing a virtual meeting for junior and early career researchers of SIG8 to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and timely feedback. We are using the same time slot, originally scheduled for our in-person conference, to organize this virtual meeting. Please note that the virtual meeting is not a “replacement” for our in-person conference and is geared toward the needs of our junior and early career members.

In the world of continuous change and rapid development, the millennial generation students face a variety of challenges. At a fast pace, they need to acquire and process an astonishing amount of constantly changing information and to develop broad sets of skills enabling them to participate successfully in school life. The role of motivation and emotion, having a great influence on students’ schooling experience, seems more essential than ever, especially in times of continuous change and uncertainty. Students’ motivation can have a profound impact on their capacity to be able to cope with current challenges effectively. The purpose of the EARLI SIG8 2020 virtual meeting for junior and early career researchers under the theme Motivation and Emotion in Education: Responding to Global Challenges is to progress toward a critical understanding of the role of motivation and emotion at a time of global change in an international context and to discuss potential implications of recent findings for educational practice. The conference seeks to enable the junior and early career researchers to engage in fruitful discussion: What are the current trends in research on motivation and emotion? What did we learn from our experiences in the field of motivation and emotion? What advice could we give to future junior researchers?

If you have further questions in regard to the virtual conference, feel free to reach out to us at sig8online@gmail.com. For the technical issues, please contact hello@sig17.net.

We are partnering with the Vienna Autumn School of Methods 2020, which takes place in the mornings of the SIG17 conference. Check out their program here.

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Qualitative analysis of multimodal data 10 September 2020, 01:00 PM
Crina Damsa University of Oslo
Exploring Profiles of Teacher Well-Being 03 September 2020, 04:50 PM
Annette Ponnock
Students' experiences within a university organisation after Bologna: A qualitative study on students' biographies and orientations 08 September 2020, 04:20 PM
Sabine Freudhofmayer Centre for Teacher Education, University of Vienna
Self-Reported Susceptibility to Emotional Contagion: Validation of a Newly Developed Measure 03 September 2020, 02:50 PM
Anton Marx LMU Munich

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